Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First Post

Welcome everybody! This is my first blog exclusively for Izile's Oddities!

Izile's Oddities is my Etsy shop where I take on a wide variety of artistic endeavors with little to no rhyme or reason for why I move from one to the other, or what might be next.

The last project I took on, that did not do so well, was "Finger Gnomes." They were a series of miniature garden gnomes, each hand sculpted and painted out of Super Sculpey. They were called Finger Gnomes because, besides sitting in flower pots, or hanging off of glass rims, they could also be used as finger puppets!

Well, I thought they were cute.


So, right now, I'm focused on my Magic Vials. You can see them in my shop, listed to the right, and there's a slide show at the bottom of this blog that shows pictures of the ones I've sold this month. Also, they're all over my DeviantArt gallery.

They're little glass vials, just about an inch tall without the cork, that I wire-wrap in silver toned wire, and then fill with various blends of gemstone shards, herbs and oils. Each vial has a theme that ties together all the ingredients inside.

My favorite right now is my Celestial themed Sun vial. It's filled with Sunstone for increased energy, Citrine for the transmutation of negativity, and Tigers Eye for good fortune. Then they're blended in a neutral oil with Cinnamon bark for success, and Saffron threads for strength. When it gets in the sunlight, it glows with the most beautiful colors!

I also have a corresponding Moon vial. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to continue the Celestial theme past the Moon and Sun, or I've also been thinking of some vials themed for mythical animals. I know that the Ash is the tree of the unicorn; and it's an old legend to plant Lavender to bring unicorns into your garden. I'll have to go to my gemshop and see if they have other corresponding gems besides just Quartz Crystal. Dragon and Mermaid vials would be cool too!

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