Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is going to be a brief update on account of me feeling like a pile of achy crud.

First of all, I think my polymer wand pendants are getting a little better. I actually rather like my Egyptian one, but it's still not striking me as what it's supposed to be.

On the otherhand, I got in my shipment of vials, so since I was staying home today anyway, with my knee propped up and drinking lots of hot tea, I really got cracking on some back ordered vial sets. I got done the Elemental Set of 4 (Water, Earth, Air, Fire) and the Elemental Set of 5 (" " + Spirit). Just uploaded both to my Etsy shop, where they await their respective owners to come and snatch them up. The 4 Set was a standard set, but the 5 Set was a delux and has things like opals, citrine, blue tourmaline, aquamarine, Herkimer diamond and kyanite as added extras.

Next, I just have one more set of 3 for a lady in Mexico, and I'll be back to single orders. So the polymer clay is back on hold until I sell out again. Try and time my ordering so there's not such a long break in between vial batches next time.


Just one plug since I'm under the weather. If you don't think their stuff is funny, blame my fever ;-)

Dear Diary

She also has a Male/Female set that's an electrical outlet and plug. I think the funniest response I've heard so-far to showing this to other people is, "So, what happens when the guy's wearing the key and the girl is wearing the electrical outlet?"

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