Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mythical Creature Vials

A couple of weeks ago, I had just taken a blank vial out to start wrapping it in wire, and the bottom popped out. I looked at it, it hadn't really broken any other way, or cracked; just the bottom, in a perfect circle, just came off. Well, I hate to throw anything out, so I made a polymer clay bottom, shaped it like vines and themed it with elements of Earth, and felt "Sylvan" was the best name for it.

A couple of days ago, I mentioned how I thought a Mermaid and a Unicorn vial would be neat; and while at the gem shop, got the ingredients I wanted to put in both. Well, I was catching up with some custom work; and I picked up a vial and the bottom popped off again. Like last time, rest of the vial was intact, and I tapped around on it to make sure it wasn't weak anywhere else, gave it a squeeze to see if it'd break -- Nope. Solid. So, I did like with the Sylvan vial; this time, I sculpted it to look like waves; then painted it with blues and whites, and then filled it with the Mermaid ingredients: Abalone shell, Aquamarine, and a natural Pearl; combined with wood from ash and hawthorn trees.

To go along with this, I also just finished the Unicorn vial as well. No broken vials this time; which was good because I wouldn't know what to sculpt for the bottom of a Unicorn themed vial. It's a beautiful vial though, and I just put it up on Etsy as well. It's got Opal and Rainbow Moonstone, lavender and wood from a holly tree, and a perfect, tiny, six-sided Quartz Crystal wand, right in the middle, like the great creature's horn. I couldn't decided whether or not I should attach the unicorn charm to the bottom or not; so, it's an option for the buyer, whether they want it permanently attached or not.


And, since I kind of like showing off my favorite Etsy finds. I have been telling everyone about this artist, MeriMask

I think she very well may be a leather crafting genius!


The Far Grove said...

Wow, Andrea Masse-Tognetti's stuff! I love when people spotlight her. :) I love her leather leaves...I'm going to see if I can get some for my hair. :D

Izile said...

I know, I keep going back and looooking and looooooking. I've told almost all my friends to go check the shop out too. I'm smitten with the arm dragons and the dragon keychains myself.

The Far Grove said...

I bought one of the dragon keychains a month or two ago...for my best friend's husband. It was the black and silver one with blue eyes...they're quite bit and very sturdy and I hear from people who've had theirs for years that they last forever without looking any the worse for wear.

I really think the Japanese maple leaf pin would be awesome on a barette. Little clippie style barettes work great in my short short hair. :)