Friday, June 27, 2008


Twice now I've had customers ask for Sugilite in their vials. I had no real previous knowledge about this stone, but found out my gem supplier doesn't even have it available. They did have one set or stones, but it was over $500. Whew.

So this lead me to looking into the stone, it's nature, it's meanings, and maybe why I can't seem to find it locally. I did find out that most gemstone bead strands labeled "Sugilite" are actually dyed howlite. That annoys me, I have to say. So many times places sell "turquoise" and it's just dyed howlite, and now it turns out it's a very common practice for sugilite as well. It's a "genuine stone" but it's not the stone it's labeled as. Purple Lepidolite is also frequently sold off as sugilite.

That is one reason why I like to get my gemstones in the rough, that way I know they haven't been heat-treated, dyed, or otherwise mislabeled.

If I can find genuine rough sugilite, that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg, I'll definitely be using it!


Not having it available, myself, I've found some Etsy Sellers that have beautiful examples of the stone. I WILL STATE that items listed below, I have no way of knowing their veracity. If the seller says it's real sugilite, I'm going to believe them. If you have any questions, contact that seller before purchase. It never hurts to double check.

I think this is a gorgeous example of Sugilite. Beautiful, dark, mottled purple off-set by swirls of sterling silver, by Adrienne Designs. For size and color, it's very reasonable at under $50.00

She has several more pages of jewelry in slightly differing styles; but with the exception of one other large Labradorite pendant, I think this pendant might be the star of her shop.

Much more in the "pure luxury" sector is Joyful Crow Fine Metalworks. However, I would consider it a grievous oversight to be discussing Sugilite on Etsy and not point out this shop. I also believe this is the only store on Etsy that has even one example of a "gel sugilite."

The entire shop is a testament to creativity, one of a kind craftsmanship and highest quality. That being said, also note that the least expensive item is $70.00; and I don't believe for a moment, at this level of talent and quality of components, that the prices are at all excessive. Work looking through just so you can drool.


HazelHoney said...

very nice featured shops!!
The color of the stones are so vivid.x

AdrienneDesigns said...

Thanks so much for featuring my store in your blog. The Sugilite pendant is one of my favorites!