Thursday, April 9, 2009


As befits my rather eclectic nature, as of late I've been torn between the very celestial and the very earthy. Literally, I've got my head in outer space and my hands in the earth.

On one hand, I've been creating a lot of "celestial" themed items as part of the Izile's Experiments section of Izile's Oddities.

Last night I added the Crescent Dream Catcher pendant to the right. And while I was originally inspired by the idea of the Crescent Moon, after creating it, and with the golden tones of the Brass wire, it really reminds me more of a Total Eclipse.

And today, I just finished uploading a couple of altered celestial pieces. I particularly like the watercolor nebula surrounding the solar system in the one on the left.

The details on those paintings are really hard to see, but if you click on the image, it will take you to the listing where the image can be viewed large enough to see the texture on the backing canvas board.

But, while my creative side seems to be wandering through the heavens; my practical side is contemplating the dirt. The Urban Garden Planting Calendar says I have a month *at most* to start planting my garden. However, funds are not currently available for seeds, let alone seedlings.

I've actually been thinking about doing some kind of bartering in hopes of getting some seeds or seedlings. I know seeds can be mailed from anywhere by anyone, pretty much; but I don't know how an individual could mail a seedling successfully. I figure I could barter either my arts/crafts or I could easily trade a good sized bundle of fresh rosemary or sage. Heck, to a local NYCer, I could trade a whole sage plant (I didn't expect all 4 to survive the winter!).

Maybe I should cave and do like other blogs and put up a PayPal Donation button, so people can donate their pennies so I can go buy some seed packets! *ha ha!*


Just out of curiosity, I just checked to see the going rate of bundled organic herbs (I never use pestacides or chemicals on my herbs) on Etsy. And wow, there's lots of people selling sage bundles! and the cheapest seems to be $4.00 an oz! Wow! Maybe tonight I'll get down my bags of dried herbs I put up last fall!

Now, onto the feature! Of course, I was searching for "Celestial." :-)

Obsessive Kicks caught my attention right away! Her Man in the Moon Pendant is gorgeous! The delicate details of the ceramic face and the beautiful brass work around it make it entirely charming!

If you're not as big a fan of big, bold and dramatic jewelry as I am, don't worry, her shop has a wide range, from fairly simple, delicate pieces, to this outstanding eye-catcher!


CraftyDragon said...

That pendant is gorgeous!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

I really like the Man In The Moon pendant...nice of you to feature it...

Ragtree said...

I too am eager to get my hands in the dirt... I ordered some seed packets last year but I seem to be out of town every weekend and can't get to it!

I bet you could barter on Etsy for some seeds... your items are WAY cool ;)