Monday, April 6, 2009

Izile's Getting Odder?

Perhaps. I know with my current run of new "Izile's Experiments," that it probably seems that way. I blame the season and weather. It's early spring, I've been cooped up for months, and still I don't really get to leave the house that often. It seems right now, we get about one gorgeous, warm day for every 3-4 rainy and cold ones.

At least, that's why I believe I've had this mad rash to create something. . anything. . just as long as it's something different. No, I'm not going to be giving up on my Magic Vial Pendants, I'm just antsy and itchy is all.

So, I've just been trying my hand at new things. Like the Spring Explosion ring on the left. Recycling old vintage rhinestone jewelry with a little sterling silver wire wrapping to give it new life.

I've also added some destashing to my shop, to help get rid of items that, while I like them, I'm probably never going to use them to their full potential. I have a couple of vintage Wheaton Collectible bottles that fit that category quite nicely, as well as a batch of tiny bottles that weren't right for me.

I know this probably makes me seem strange and erractic; but I kinda had a feeling that's where my shop was going to go from the beginning. Hey, it's "Izile's Oddities!" I expected it to reflect my inability to settle on any one media and my pentient to use anything that's not nailed down as material.

However, as these are all experiments, I tend to only sell them for the base level cost to gauge reaction. Of course, actual verbal input is always welcomed.

Ow! And before I forget, I am the featured member of FAE for the month of April! LOOKIE! And always remember to give a check out to other FAE artists, either through that link, the ones on the side bar, or just by searching "faeteam" on!


So, again I go out into the land of Etsy to see if other artists have "Experiments." (And oddly, am again disappointed that Etsy's search engine cannot tell the difference between the words "experiment" and "experience."

However, I did find some Etsy Sellers not afraid to try something new!

GutterGlass caught my attention with the "Fumed Experiment Pendant" where the glass actually contains silver fumes. That's definitely different! And I like the result!

His glass works are very pretty and there's a wide variety from more classically color beads, to ones with skulls and more fume-colored pieces. It's also stated on the front page that the shop is very agreeable to discuss trading. For those of you out there who love to barter!

I was also taken by Sweaters for Dragons "Lab Experiment No. 3" Granted, I've only knitted one item in my life, and my knowledge of yarn is not that extensive. However, I love the vibrant colors; a mix of dusty rose and denim blue.

The shop is a bit empty at the moment, but does advertise custom dyed-to-order skeins.


thecraftbegins said...

Awesome! I think the experiment turned out well. I love old rhinestone jewelry.

Izile said...

Danke! My Mom's been a collector for some time, so sometimes I can spot some decent enough pieces when I'm digging through discarded/broken shelf/box :-)

Jo Hoffacker said...

I like the ring! I have a ton of vintage jewelry, I'll have to try to use it.