Saturday, February 19, 2011


So yesterday, here in NYC, we had one lovely day of spring where it actually hit 60 degrees before being plunged back down into the freeze of winter for at least, probably, another good month or more.

However, that was long enough to get me bitten a bit by the spring bug and especially the gardening bug. Now, I can't really plant anything outside yet, but I've been considering starting some seed inside, and hopefully they'll be ready to transplant when spring gets here.

So, I've already bought one pack of seeds - Blue Forget-Me-Nots! I have high hopes for these little guys. They should do well in partial shade (which is my yard) and are supposed to be hardy in zone 6b. Not to mention that they are tiny blue flowers symbolic of love and remembrance, and I think they will be an excellent addition to my Magic Vial Pendants once they start blooming.

Now, I admit, I also have my eye on another plant, and I should be out at the green market right now asking the man what it is. I saw it yesterday while I was out and it's a fairly unremarkable potted plant, unlabeled as to what it was. . . but I noticed it's tiny red flowers, only a few millimeters across, looked amazingly like perfect little roses. Talk about something that might do well in my vials! It's obviously not a true rose, though, the leaves were all wrong, and I'm very familiar with all nature of roses, miniature, old fashioned, modern hybrid, etc., and this is absolutely no kin at all, just happens to have flowers that look very similar but in extreme miniature. Of course, without knowing what the name of the plant is, I can't do any research into learning about it's nature, associations or any possible symbolism that might go along with it. So, I really should get off my butt, brave the reasserted cold and crazy winds and go down to the market and ask the man, "exactly what is that thing?"


And since I now feel obligated to go do so after I just said I would, we're going to make the plug short and sweet.

I bought my Forget Me Not seeds from Seven Acre Woods. I haven't gotten them yet, let alone planted them and watched them sprout, as I just ordered them yesterday, so an update/review will come much later, but if you want some Forget Me Not seeds of your own, I think these are the best. I will note I didn't just search etsy for seeds, either, I looked on google and ebay and amazon and everywhere else. (Amazon tricks you and says "oh, seed packet $0.75!" and then slaps you with $6.00 S&H. $6.00 S&H for a seed packet? are you kidding me? bugger off!)

However, I would like to point out that this shop sells more than just seeds! The owner is truly eclectic in their crafts and sells knit items, spinning fibers, and some other home crafts. I like the sleeping kitty soap pictured here.

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