Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Addition to Etsy

If you saw my last post you know I had just started making prong set Sterling Silver and gemstone jewelry.  Well, I've made a couple of more steps!  First, I tried a set of "snap-tite" style sterling silver settings.  You see these all over etsy (though not all sellers actually tell you outright they're using them, but they're pretty distinctive looking, so they're easy to spot once you do a little research).  So, here are my sterling silver and peridot snap tite stud earrings:

They literally took less than one minute to put together, so easy!  And while they are nice, and the stones are gorgeous, I just thought that this wasn't the way I want to go.  I'm doing this to learn and progress.  It was a step in my education I wanted to try for myself; but having used them once, I don't really think I want to keep using them.  However, I posted them on FB, and a friend of mine bought them off me in a heartbeat! ($10 in case you were curious, slight friend's discount.  But really, the snap-tite settings are so inexpensive, there's no reason to charge a lot for them, unless you've got seriously expensive stones in them.)  

So, then I made a second pair of stud earrings, this time with traditional cast sterling silver prongs:

These took a lot more time and effort to get right, but I think in the end, this way is worth it!  And these are the first pair to be put up on my etsy shop!  I have a lot more pictures, too, including a louped photo so you can see the garnets better.  You can see the full set of pictures, description and details HERE.  They're good sized studs, sterling silver, and genuine, nice, clean, deep garnets; but I am still learning, so I'm only asking $30 for this set.  (They will also be repolished/buffed before shipping)

Next, I am working on a very special necklace for my Mom.  The sterling chain and jump rings should be in any day now, as is the special magnetic clasp (she has pretty bad arthritis in her fingers, so I thought that's a nice touch, to not have to worry and try and fidget with tiny lobster claw clasps that can even give *me* fits, and my fingers are still 100% nimble!)

After that, I'm going to try and make a ring, and a necklace to put on etsy.  I'm also going to be learning about setting other gem shapes.  (I'm excited to set the big 10 mm trillion! And I have some gorgeous london blue topaz emerald cut stones that I think will also become studs - I know, I don't even have any piercings, but they seem like a good starting point!) 

Also on my etsy shop, I did make one of my Magic Vial Pendants using cut/polished gemstones.  I said I was going to, and I did have some gems that had chips or deep scratches on their table or crown, so I couldn't set them; but I don't think I'll be doing another one.  It takes so many gemstones to fill up even the smallest vial I have; it makes them much more expensive than the raw gem ones I normally make.  But, it's a nice creativity vial, with garnet and citrine and lots of opal, in 14K gold-filled wire!  Next time, I might stick mostly to raw gemstones, but include a single cut gemstone as an interest.  Like, I'm not much on heart jewelry, but I have a few gemstone hearts.  So maybe throw in a nice small cut/faceted gemstone heart in the mix - might be especially nice for a Love themed vial!


Since it's started to get hot, and I'm thinking of beaches in my future; and since I'm going to DragonCon again this year and am thinking of costumes . . . and I cannot remember, honestly, if I ever plugged them before or not:  Utopia Armoury!
I bought this from them!  As a nerd/geek/gamer girl, I have always wanted a chainmail bikini.  But, they also terrify me, as a girl who does not have a very secure ego.  However, all doubt was put aside when I tried theirs on.  For one, they are made of anodized aluminum and latex-free EPDM rubber, which means that not only are they waterproof, but it's light with just enough stretch in their to be supportive and uplifting.  I have a hate-hate relationship with most bra's as I've never been able to squeak up to a real 34B in my life.  However, these are custom made, their straps are adjustable (tie) and secure, and with the combination of materials, you end up with a happy little elfin girl who looked down and went: "Ow! Lookie! I have cleavage! *squee*!"

They also come in a wide variety of color combinations for you to mix and match.  I went with the green, black rubber and silver trim.  When I first got it, it was still cold out, and I didn't want to take it off!

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