Monday, February 17, 2014

Too Much Snow.

Long time no check-in!  However, I wanted to write in today and do a little catching up and talk about what's been on my mind.

Anyone who's read any of the recent posts has probably picked up that my production has dropped incredibly due to new day-job (actual, perm, for realz, all the bells and whistles day-job, not just temp, we'll see day-job!) (YAY!! Very happy about that, by the way - still am!).  However, certain things haven't been helping - my silver supplier is ONLY open M-F 9-5, and has crazy expensive shipping rates if I can't physically go to the shop (which, I can't, because I work, M-F 8:30 - 5:30).  I know, I should probably try and find a new place to buy my silver, or just go back to ordering everything online and having it delivered (though I do prefer to see things in person whenever possible).  And, let's not forget - THE WEATHER.  It pretty much sucks - and has sucked, and apparently is going to continue to suck for quite a long time.  Not only is being outside difficult with all the slipping and falling and the air hurts my face, but my garden is now under so many feet of accumulated snow that I'm not sure I could find any herbs for more pendants.

(There have been **2** more snows since this picture!  The table very nearly disappeared at one point)

But, I get off track.  I have made two custom pieces for a coworker, and seeing them get excited and each one has kind of given me a new desire to get back into making Magic Vial Pendants.  So often, selling only online, you never really get to see people react emotionally to your work.  It's almost been 10 years since I first started making these vials, and it's understandable, I think, that would lead to getting a bit jaded sometimes.  But seeing an honest reaction, face to face, with someone getting exactly what they wanted.  It made me remember why I make these.  So, hopefully, I'll find a way to make some new ones soon.  Maybe nothing with herbs, just yet, but I have some cedar wood stored back, and those immortelle flowers I got almost a year ago haven't aged a bit, so they're about the only bright/sunny thing I have to work with right now.

(immortelle flowers thanks to pinterest)

The vials I've made with the little golden flowers haven't sold nearly as well as expected.  I'm not sure if it's just that people aren't always that fond of the yellow/orange color spectrum as colors to wear, or something else that makes them less attractive than lilacs and rosebuds.


So, I did a quick search on etsy to see if anyone else is working with them.

There aren't a lot, only 19 results came up, and a lot of them (not surprising) are bath/body products.  However, my favorite is this resin necklace made by Resin Sun.

And if it is the color that's off-putting to some people, don't worry, she puts all sorts of colors of flowers in these pretty resin spheres.  All this snow and grey, I think we could all use an extra dose of color and sunlight.

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