Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February Rubies.

So, today I finished up the last of the two special February Ruby vials. The first was "Love Dreams" and was a blend of Rubies, Citrine and Pink Tourmaline with Holly wood and Rosemary in Rose oil. The second was "Sweet Dreams" and was a blend of Rubies, Citrine, Sunstone with Hawthorn wood and Cinnamon bark in neutral oil.

I've actually sold out of vials again. I put in an order for another 20, but right now it's a waiting game.

In the meantime, I've felt I should take advantage of this time to explore other media. I've had this feeling that I should be mucking around with polymer clay. I made this tiny little unicorn figure; I haven't baked it yet, because I'm not quite sure what I think of it. I mean, it's just a laying down unicorn, it's not jewelry, it doesn't do anything but sit there and look at you. I'm also not entirely sure about the head shape; but she's less than 2" long and 1" high. Even with my little nubs for nails, it's hard not to leave fingernail prints when working that tiny. I dunno. She's been sitting on my table for a couple of days while I try and figure out if I should bake her or not. Thoughts?

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And as I try and do with every post, now, a related blog plug.

Kudzu's Whimzy

First, the name. I'm a fan of anything "kudzu." It's the Mississippi girl in me. Not to mention, her polymer clay dragons, with the intricate details and glass beads are just amazing.

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