Friday, February 8, 2008

More Polymer Clay

So, I'm still waiting on the vials, and have been playing with some other ideas with polymer clay. For one, I'm working on some Magic Wand Pendants. I want to work on a couple of more before I put any up, though. I've only done the one, and while it's nice; it's not exactly what I want it to be yet.

I know, I'm often impatient and want my first attempt to be exactly what I see in my head, even when working with a new medium.

However, one of my attempts has left me quite pleased. Tonight I made my first Miniature Treasure Chest. It's pretty basic, as the first one, but I think it's a nice start.

I started out using a really small paper clip box, then wrapped it in polymer clay, hand sculpted the details, baked it, painted it in acrylic and then did the details in Gold Leaf.

There's a lot more pictures at different angles at my DA gallery.

And because it's late and I've got a bit of a headache, I'm afraid I'm going to cut this update a bit short.

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