Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wow! A week!

Sorry to those few of you out there who might have actually bopped by in the past week to find it as quiet as a long dark tea time. I'm just now getting over an unnamed monster illness and getting back up on my hippocampus.

But I come not only baring apologies! I've been busy the past few days I've been slowly reviving. Not only have I finished up my last custom batch of vial necklace requests, but I have a new one of my own design: "Calm Seas." It's based with some beautiful Iolite that I happened to get a hold of, and blended with some very nice pieces of rainbow moonstone.

I'm already down to only two vials left, and needing to put in another batch order. I also need to return 3 back to the makers, because they came with half the corks floating in the bottom of the bulb - no good.

There's also another Miniature Wand Pendant in the shop as well - an abstract tribute to the spiral horn of the unicorn, based around a beautiful six-sided quartz crystal wand, topped with a spiraling swirl painted in gold leaf.

To finalize this little streak to try and get business back and drumming, I also made another Miniature OOAK Treasure Chest. This one's almost twice as big as the others, and to keep the price down, I skipped the gold leaf and went for antique copper acrylic instead. I went for a fun pirate theme on this one, including a skull and crossbones "lock" on the front, and a sabre and hook design on the lid. It's even painted this kind of dank brown, with hints of green and white for the moss and rot.

So, having now caught up my DeviantArt gallery, my Etsy shop, and my blog, I leave you - hopefully plural - readers with a long over due feature.


Harlequin Feltworks

She may not have many varieties in design, but she doesn't need them. The variety in color is enough to keep me drooling all day. To which, I noticed during the visit to grab this image, that my favorite (the Morning Glory color variation) has been sold. I don't suppose I can protest too much, because I don't have the $200.00 these wonderful sculptural scarves cost.

My brain boggles how she even manages to felt together silk and wool, let alone the dye jobs. I only wish that there were more pictures to show how the scarves look when being worn by real people.

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