Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

To be honest, I've been prepping for my trip, and haven't made anything new. Well, nothing that's complete.

So, instead, all of today's post will be other Etsy sellers.

Green, for the Catholics:

Laurali 's shop has a little Irish angel built onto a thimble base.

She's an absolute adorable polymer clay figure; and yes, to be honest, with the thimble aspect, reminds me just a tiny bit of my Finger Gnomes. I did make a Finger Leprechaun last year: Shamus got lots of kisses and a few swims in beer. Good thing he was coated in polyurethane.

The rest of her shop is a wonderful collection of bright and stunning colorful prints, paintings and some very interesting jewelry.

Orange, for the Protestants:
(which, I admit, was much harder to find! A largely forgotten part, I fear)

Gazed Upon Glass , however, does have a lovely orange cross pendant.

The rest of her shop has several pages of different varieties of glass pendants.

And White, for peace between the two.
(and hopefully for all the rest of us as well.)

And what could be better for the third, but the Irish Claddagh.

The Glass Menagerie has this lovely beveled glass claddagh. Not technically "white," but we'll pretend it's close enough because it's so pretty.

Her shop has a wide variety of stained glass works, colorful fairies, birds and flowers, as well as other Celtic symbols.

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