Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Heading West

So, one reason I've been a bit lower on my production as of late is I've been prepping for a bit of a trip. Tomorrow I leave for Seattle, WA for a couple of weeks. I'm taking my stock with me, in case of any sales, and I will be still making new items while I'm out there.

Some of the ingredients of the Magic Vials will be different, because the plants that grow in Washington are not necessarily the same ones that grow in New York.

Something to keep in mind if there's a plant you've wanted incorporated that isn't a Northeast USA native.


To go along with this little notice, which really doesn't have much of an art "theme," I decided to use Etsy's Geolocator 3 and see what kind of Etsy Sellers are in the Seattle area. Wasn't even that bad a search, there's less than 90 Etsians listed for the area.

Out of all of them, none had the eye-grabbing quality down like Dangerous Detritus. She claims, "Pan Dimentional Imports since 2403," and thus grabs not only my imagination, but my nerd-factor!

I openly admit that steampunk is a weakness of mine. But some of her creations fit much better into a broader futuristic, alien and sci-fi genre than just pigeon-holed because she recycles interesting gears. Plus, someone who can approach these with a sense of humor and and whimsy automatically gets a Make sure to read the descriptions. Peeking inside her mind is definitely worth the E-ticket.


Wyatt's Magic Wagon said...

you have been tagged by a fellow etsy member :) please goto my blog to see what to do next :) I was tagged by a member of my etsy team because I had just started my blog, and I thought it would be fun to reach out the tag to the rest of our fellow etsians:) I LOVE your work, I will heart your shop as soon as I am done tagging:)

Dharma Designs said...

I love that you incorporate fellow Etsy artists into your posts!!!

Athena's Armoury said...

Her stuff is very cool! Have fun in Seattle!