Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Vials!

I had given up for the day. I had gone outside, thinking they wouldn't come, and I weeded and cleaned out the flowerbeds in the back yard.

When I got out of the shower, there they were. Late, but gave me all evening to play! And ow, I've been playing! I've been crafting like a thing possessed. I've had so many ideas while I've been waiting I wanted to try, new ways to twist the wire around, to try the left over Copper Wire I had instead of the silver-toned I always use. I even had a few new gem stones that I'd never used before.

I am quite pleased with myself for the night, and have retired to upload and update and let everyone know, I've got plenty of little bottles, I've done all my custom requests, and my store is being restocked!

You can keep an eye on my progress, or even buy or request a custom vial, as always, at Izile's Oddities; or, since I don't know how long any of these new vials will last (Wup, the vial to the left just sold while I made this post), you can see my entire gallery of work at my gallery (linked to the right.)


A little bit different type Etsy Seller, tonight. But since the yard work lead to the shower, and ow, a nice hot shower or bath is always so perfect after working in the yard (when it's still cold out), and getting out and having lotions and potions and a big, soft, snuggly robe.

My two favorite Bath and Body sellers. I have bought multiple items from both and find the price, quality, packaging, seller communication, all of it, to just be above and beyond! When I need more, and have the money, these are who I'm going back to. I used to be a Lush fiend, but why buy from a retail source when you can get things just as good, directly from an independent craftsperson; AND it's often cheaper.

Sassy Scrubs and Such - I've tried her Lilac, Angel Cake and Creme Brule bath fizzes, as well as her Oatmeal Honey lip balm. They're wonderful treats when you just want to relax and unwind in the bath. I keep her business card pinned to my fridge, just to remind me. She's also a pleasure to work with and goes out of her way to make sure all her customers are completely satisfied. I cannot rave enough.

Bath By Riley - This is where you go if you want the big, jumbo, bath fizzies. I ordered six from her and need to get more. My absolute, ABSOLUTE favorite, is the Mango-Sorbet Bling bomb. So few sellers on Etsy ever put glitter in their bath products. I can understand why, and most of Riley's items do not contain glitter. However, having the option to be covered in sparkley pink glitter and smelling of tropical fruit is a nice choice to have! If you're not into the bling, my second favorite was her Southern Belle bomb, which is her gardenia scent. Considering the size of these mammoth balls - if you've got a shallow tub like me, you can easily split them in half - the price is really great! Not to mention, the Chinese take out box packaging is adorable, and makes the bombs easy to stack on limited shelf space.

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