Friday, March 7, 2008

Busy Busy Busy - still too cold for the bees.

Indeed, I have been! Those of you who keep an eye on my Etsy shop may have seen an almost tidal coming and going of Magic Vial Pendants. If not, you can take a gander over at my DeviantArt gallery and see everything that's been uploaded, even if it's sold.

Speaking of, I had to upload a picture there the other night of a new vial. I was sitting at my desk, crafting away infront of the computer, when I pulled out a vial and noticed that there were tons of tiny bubbles, wrapped like a swath, all around the bulb. At first, I was worried it might break or be more fragile - aparently not. But, quite a rare thing, as I haven't noticed this kind of pattern or any bubbles in the glass before. So, I had to take a picture, while I plan what must be done with this little rarity.

Obviously, with bubbles, it's got to be water themed. So, I knew I wanted abalone shell in there; and that's all that's in there when the picture was taken. Today, I was running around getting some more gemstones (I was out of sunstone, and peridot, in particular), and I bought some aquamarine (could there be a more watery stone?) and a single pearl. So, we'll see what develops.


BUBBLES! There are a remarkable 207 pages on etsy, with the tag or title of "Bubbles" Wow.

First found, melissaschmidt has created a gorgeous necklace that is also not exceedingly bubbly, but combines bubbles with my long time obsession with trees. You really need to see the full sized image on her Etsy store to get a good appreciation for the details. And I get the impression that this is one of those items that looks cool in a picture, but in person, you'd just stare at it for hours, going "ooooo."

Alisa Miller. Metalsmith is also apparently crazy about bubbles!
Her jewelry seems to cover the spectrum of metallic bubbles, from tiny fizzy designs to larger, lazier bubbles.
The necklace to the left is one of my favorites. There's lots of these types of "joining circles" bubble like jewelry; but none of them really seem to be. .. well. . . as bubble-like. This one actually reminds me of those giant soap bubbles in old cartoons. Like when you were little and would sing, "I'm forever blowing bubbles."

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