Saturday, March 1, 2008

Why Isn't it Spring? - SALE!

That's how I've been feeling, yet the weather man keeps calling for more snow. So, I'm having a bit of a sale, anyway. It is March. Mad as a March Hare. So on and so forth.

For the sale, I've taken $5.00 off all my one-of-a-kind Mini Treasure Chests; $2.00 off both Mini Wand Pendants; and $2.50 off the Mermaid Magic Vial. It basically works out to Free S&H; but I didn't realize this until I'd already gone in and edited all the prices. So why go back and change it all over semantics.

Sale aside, I'm getting very eager to be making more of my vials; but I'm still waiting on my shipment to get in. I had hoped, upon hope, that they'd be here either yesterday or today. *Huff* Monday, I hope, then.

So, in the meantime, I made a Miggipin Door! Miggipins, (or Miggipyn, as my sister spells it, or Miggypen, as my uncle spells it) are a bit of a family fae. My Grandfather told us all stories of the miggipins that came with him from Oregon, tied knots in our hair and shoe laces at night, and did other house-fae type mischief. All houses in my family have miggipin infestations. So, I thought the miggipins in our apartment needed a door. I've seen others make them for a while now, and have meant to give it a try. Ow! It was so much fun! And now, there's a little door in our baseboard for the miggipins! The picture on the left is of the door with my Finger Gnome Leprechaun, Shamus. The picture on the right is just the door, but with the flash on the camera turned on. You can see the colors a bit better, and even a bit of the glitter in the polymer clay base.


Now, I don't sell "fairy doors" as they're more normally labeled. But these two Etsy Sellers are two of my favorite makers of Fairy Doors; both very different in style.

First, is Fairyrade who makes nothing but Hand Crafted Fairy Doors. She is a UK seller, but her shipping rates to the USA are very reasonable.

Her doors are all made from wood with wood stains and paints. And as each one is hand carved, each one is completely unique in the end. She specifically mentions how great they are in the garden, so no fear of having them out in the elements then.

Incandescents is my other favorite fairy door maker. Oddly enough, ALSO from the UK. Again, the shipping rates are very reasonable to the USA.

Instead of wood, Incandescents uses a material called "Salt Dough" to hand sculpt all her doors. She finishes them with a variety of glass, beads, paints, and organic materials - the door here has poppy heads - and several layers of varnish.

In either case, wood or "clay," these doors are amazingly magical and intricately hand wrought. Highly recommend you look at their other doors, and other creations.

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