Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slowly but Surely

The show must go on, right? Apparently so. And while I have gotten lots of support from even strangers, I cannot expect the same from my gas, power and internet companies.

You will find that I've put up a whole new batch of Magic Vial Pendants in my Etsy shop. The one here, is an upgraded, re imagining of an old popular theme of mine, "Dreams." It has the same Amethyst base and charm off the bottom, but is combined with Rainbow Moonstone and fresh Lavender leaves; also, it features a wire wrap design in Sterling Silver.


One thing that's not left behind is featuring; I'm still going to be prowling over Etsy, looking for new sellers with great products to tell you about.

Decided to reach way back from my favorites list and bring out this little Lovecraftian inspired T-shirt from Host Clothing.

Some of their stuff is too jarring, even for me; but this design with its swirly tentacles and declaration of "Hell is for Amateurs," appeals to my memories of a misbegotten, if not very, very geeky youth.


missfire said...

Welcome back.

Patricia Hecker said...

Good, honest blog. Life is hard right now, for so many artists........hold your head high and keep creating, the world needs what we more than ever!
tattoodreams.blogspot. com

PoisonLake said...

nice choice, i've been debating the purchase of that particular shit for awhile.