Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trend Setter (or, Pardon my Ego)

I've never seen myself as a trend setter. Most of the ideas I've had, no matter how brilliant they seemed to me at the time, have floundered and slipped quietly, unnoticed, back into the murky pond of my brain from wince they were first dredged.

Obviously, having sold 100 Magic Vial Pendants, since I sold my first in 8/06, they are a comparitive success.

Thing is, each time I've had a new idea, I would search Etsy, Ebay, and then Google, to see if anyone was already doing my idea; and only proceed once I saw nothing similar.

Recently, I am continually amused by the amount of items that turn up when I search to see if my idea had picked up. And in the regard of "magic vials," it does seem like I have become a bit of a trend setter.

On DeviantArt, I've actually had a few people contact me about if it would be OK for them to make their own. It's quite flattering, and I appreciate the politeness. The vial pictured here, was a thank you gift made for me by one such DA-er, for the inspiration to branch off and go do her own variations.

It's an absolutely lovely piece, where the silver-toned wire has been wrapped with brigth blue wire to add a hint of color, and the inside fully packed with three different blue gemstone chip beads.

You can see the rest of her stuff at her Myspace; or, she has just recently opened an Etsy Shop.

Aside from those who drew obvious inspiration, there are a number of VERY ORIGINAL artists on Etsy who also enjoy putting stuff in things.

One of my favorites, who is completely original in her take on vial necklaces is Silent Cheesecake Designs. Her vials, rather than fantasy, are based in science. Specifically, once living specimens, preserved in clear wax.
The specimen shown here, is a Jewel Beetle with Fern.
This artist has plenty items of the non-vial variety, and it's worth it to go and check out the shop and see the great variety available there.

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