Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day Late

I had wanted to make an Earth Day post; however, I got side tracked and ended up at an impromptu hanging-out.

The weather has been great, and I did plant a bunch of Marigold seedpods in my garden, after I finished weeding and breaking up the majority of the beds. I still have to wait a little bit longer before I can plant in earnest, but I am getting antsy!


Looking through "earth day" Etsy, there's not only a lot of options, but a lot of sales going on.

Melissa Vest Designs, for instance, for the rest of the week is giving 15% off the final total at her shop. She's also giving $1.00 of the proceeds off every reusable grocery tote bag to the Carbon Fund.

Clay Giraffe also has another great deal for Earth Day. Her deal is a buy one, get one half off; plus the profits from the second purchase go straight to the National Audubon Society.

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claygiraffe said...

I'm with you - I've been puttering about the garden recently and so far it's been about cleaning up the remains of winter but I'm so looking forward to the new stuff!

And thanks for featuring me today. My Earth Day sale goes on all week so we can collect more for the birds ;)