Friday, June 13, 2008

Custom Orders

I just finished up a custom order of vials. Very unique, one "Storm" themed, and one "Dance" themed. The vial pictured to the right is "Dance." It's kind of an abstract concept, but I think it worked out very well! The one over to the left and below is "Storm," and I'm very pleased with it. I particular like the kyanite blades, reminds me a bit of lightning.

And I was thinking, probably about half of my sales are custom blends I do on request.

In a lot of ways, I actually prefer filling custom orders, because then I have a clear idea and path. It's a bit like Jeopardy, in that someone's given you the answer, and you've got to figure out the question that would go with it. Plus, it's nice to know that it's going to have a home and someone to love it when it's done. I actually *feel bad* a bit for my "Mojave" and "Archangel" pendants, because they've been hanging on the shelf so long. But, if I can get enough put back and stored up, I might look into a craft fair this summer, maybe I can split the rent on a table with someone.


Anyway, where I was going with this was Custom Orders. Lots of Etsians are more than happy to do custom work. Heck, if you can't find it, you can always try putting an advert up on Alchemy. Something I've recently suggested to a couple of friends of mine who'd be interested in very particular concepts (like a steampunk mad scientists lab coat - hint hint, anyone out there?)

So what's out there in Custom Order land, besides logos, business cards and wedding dresses?

At the high end of the price range (though not nearly as high as it goes!) I found this GORGEOUS custom made-to-order "Venetian Inspired Jacket" by Bonzie of Ireland. The little thumbnail of a picture I can fit here on my blog hardly shows you the details that go into this beautiful tailoring job. And for this kind of workmanship, it's worth the extra $10.00 for International S&H.

The rest of her shop has equally beautiful garments, and even a variation on this jacket that lets you customize the design even more.

Another $100 down, and I couldn't help myself but to include this entry for custom "wooliture." RoseThistleArtworks lists an adorable large felted unicorn for custom creation (allow 3-6 weeks). Bonus perks for life-time guarantee for any repairs or whathaveyou, and free S&H on the initial purchase.

Her shop contains other felted animals, as well as a medium sized custom request for a little bit less than half the cost of a large custom unicorn.

I really bit off more than I can chew with this topic. I may have to make it a 2. . or even 5 parter. But I've got space for one more tonight; and I'll skip on down in the "under $100.00" category.

This absolutely blew my mind. I used to have a titanium ring, and remember the talk about its indistructability, how each one had to be custom made because you can't resize titanium. So, to find custom titanium rings on Etsy. I'm quite surprised!

This is one of the least expensive available at Shade Jewelry. Though, for just $10-$20 more, there are some gorgeous colors and styles available in the same titanium base. I do highly suggest checking out the rest of his shop, because it is nothing short of impressive.


Art for Hair said...

Wow, I love your vials! Great blog, it was really interesting reading about the different sellers.

Gina - RoseThistleArtworks said...

Wow! Very cool blog. I'm so thrilled that you chose to include me with yourself and other incredible etsy artisans. Thank you!

designs by bonzie said...

Thanks for such sweet comments Izile, I really enjoyed your post. ;)

beautifulwolf said...

OK that pink vial pendant, is seriously stunning!

My only concern is, how would a pendant like that hold up to a 3 year old, who loves to try and swipe Mommys jewelry- while she's wearing it!

Izile said...


I really have no idea. The vial *is* glass, and I have no way of knowing individual tensile strength before I ship out. I've had some that I've fallen asleep on them, dropped them, and they're fine. Then, I've had others that when dropped, shatter. But my general rule is, they're tiny, glass bottles, I wouldn't advise pushing it.

twenty pound tabby said...

it's always nice to see Rose Thistle's work - she does such incredible creations.