Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've just been having too much healthy fun in my garden. Seriously therapeutic! It even inspired a vial filled with lots of greens and fresh mint leaves. The Fuschite (green mica) is particularly sparkly and looks bright next to the green Tourmaline.

I've pretty much run out of bed-space already. It's a bit addictive; particularly the variations of certain herbs. As is, Ive got regular Thyme and now Lemon Thyme; but my big splurge is variations of mint. Mint, Orange Mint, Chocolate Mint and Blackberry Mint. I'm already kind of regretting not grabbing the pretty variegated Pineapple Mint. I'm mint-mad I guess you could say.


Gardens. Somewhat disappointed that "gardening/gardens" are not even a subcategory for browsing because using it just as a tag is so overwhelming! Many less entries under "mint." Especially if you specify it as a material. (I can't WAIT for my mints to run!)

And there's plenty of options for minty-goodness on Etsy, but what really caught me, after flipping through nearly 30 pages, was Dress Green lip balms. The nourishing ingredients included in "Mint Valley" lip balm really make the difference between her and other minty lip balms available on Etsy. I like the fact she mentions "tingly." I had tried a mint lip gloss at B&BW, and loved the tingle and fresh mint-i-ness, but it was goopy, and I always try and buy from Etsiers instead of Mall stores whenever possible. So, a lovely, tingly, minty, balm with ingredients like food quality cocoa butter, avocado oil and jojoba oil sounds heavenly!

Plus, she's a southerner, and we have to stick together ;-).


Lost River Rags & CandleLights said...

Gotta love working outdoors! It is truely good for the soul!

beautifulwolf said...

I'm a mint addict too... my fav is my beloved Ginger Mint! Mmmmm! Loooove it infused with teas, and adding it to random dishes, fresh or cooked.

Pineapple mint doesn't like my yard much it seems. I've tried growing it a few times, but it doesn't do well :( My other mints, grow like WEEDS though... beloved weeds that is ;)