Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mad Scientist at Heart

It's true, and the experiments continue! My Chocolate Mint/Vanilla Sugar scrub went quickly; and now I've got a sample up of Pineapple Sage, Vanilla Sugar and Lime oil scrub up. I'm thinking I might just make tiny samples for people to try out for cheap, and THEN if they like it, they can order a large batch.

As you can see, my experimental scrubs are *extremely* dark green, and I'm pretty confident that my sample jars could be cut with plain sugar, like a concentrate, to extend their usage. I've used them straight, however, and found no issues in using them thus.

I've also got a couple of new pieces of more traditional jewelry up as well. One is a pretty little piece of vintage rhinestone costume jewelry that I've upcycled from a broken earring to a pretty little pendant. I have even attached a tiny sterling silver bale to it.

My past two days off have really given me some time to not only restock my Magic Vial Pendants, but also play around with other new ideas I've been having. That's why I named my store, "Izile's Oddities," because I expected to be creating a lot of random experimental things :-)


So, I decided to look through and see what other Etsians were experimenting. Slightly annoying, Etsy's search bar doesn't seem to recognize the difference between "experiment" and "experience." Gurgle. You get 0 results if you even try to enter "experiment NOT experience."

Thing is about experiments, and why I wish more Etsians would put theirs up, is that they're frequently not perfect. That's the nature of an experiment. A lot of the time, the imperfections are superficial and completely benign. Still, experiments usually come with a good bit of a mark-down because of that.

Ragtree has a great example, where she was doing an experiment using real cocoa to make a very chocolatey soap. It came out working and smelling great. . . it's just ugly (her own words!)
Because she feels these soaps appear below her normal standard, even though the quality is good, she's selling them for $1.75. Good discount! She also has a chocolate/peppermint experiment on sale in her shop as well.

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mary jane said...

i love experimenting!
maybe you've inspired me to post some!
mary jane