Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Whew. I've really burnt through these two days off. Just sent company back home on Monday, and have spent Tues/Wed doing a combo of catching up on orders, updating my Etsy shop, Izile's Oddities, and DeviantArt gallery, cleaning apartment, tending garden, cleaning yard, making new products, photography; and I'm going to have company over for dinner tonight. So, busy busy little elfling!

Ow yeah, I have new products! They've part of my new Izile's Experiments line, where, because of the insane boom of my herb garden, I've been testing out other products. Last post I talked about my herbal sugar scrub samples. I've just listed my first 8oz glass jar of Chocolate Mint/Vanilla Sugar scrub (largely at the behest of interested parties).

I've also decided to start using recycled glass pieces that are headed for the trash. This has left me with some small 10ml glass oil bottles. I've filled them the same way I'd fill a vial pendant, just with a lot larger and more ingredients. The stopper top and screw cap help with clean dispensation. So far I have one in Fairy blend and Dragon blend.

Of course, my ability to keep making such products depends on what's getting thrown out for recycling - (yes, I *THOROUGHLY* clean and purify them.) I also have some large frosted glass candle jars to figure out what to do with as well.

Do pardon the ghetto labeling. Since they're just experiments for now, I don't see the point in investing in fancy labels. If they got popular and became a regular line, then yeah, I would.

And, as ever, my herb garden will not be held at bay, no matter how vigorous my pruning - I AM NOT COMPLAINING! I LOVE IT! But, I do have a boon if anyone wants to contact me (through Etsy, if that's convenient) for the purchase of fresh herbs, just straight. Heck, if you're friendly and in the Brooklyn neighborhood, I'd be willing to trade most generously.


And, I'm going to make a SLIGHT deviation, JUST THIS ONCE! I'm plugging a NON-etsy seller. It's just, well, I love this place. It's fun, it's unique, for Pete's sake, it's called, "IRON FAIRIES!" (I know! I thought the same thing, Iron? Fairies? But fairies can't touch iron!!)

The Iron Fairies is a gorgeous website, although under much construction so far. For New Yorkers, it's in St. Marks, just under David Z.'s shoe store, and it's SO MUCH FUN!

Yes, there's iron fairy sculptures, gargoyles, a lovely Australian fairy tale (the base of the whole store), candles, fizzies, glitter, and oils. . . but the best part is they let you make your own soap. They've got these two massive "machines" in the middle of the floor full of powdered herbs and essential oils, and you get to combine them exactly how you want, and then they cook it up right on the floor in front of you! It's a bit pricey for a bar of soap, but man it's fun and you can really create a truly unique bar of soap just for you - and it's all natural and organic!

So far, there's only the one full-blown concept store in the U.S., but they do wholesale out across the country (just the decorative iron and books). But you New York people need to swing your asses by and check it out! See it for yourself!

Now, I have a chicken to roast.

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Cherry Lane Jane said...

I wish I had that many herbs. Mine went pretty well this season, but not as good as I would like. We ate most of them, but I you might have encouraged me to try any create with them too.

The soap making sounds fun!