Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fancy Sapphires

So, I've bought a tiny lot of "Fancy Sapphires," for my shop. I will have a small, limited supply of yellow, green and pink sapphires.

Aside from the general meanings, yellow sapphires are good for mental acuity and clarity, green sapphires are good for luck and success, and pink sapphires are good for emotional balance and loving energies.

I'll also be getting a better staple of regular blue sapphires and rubies as well. I was able to get a good enough deal on these by buying in bulk, that they should be much more affordable for custom vial pendants than previously.


So, let's see what other Etsy sellers have in the way of non-blue sapphires.

This is my favorite. There are some mighty gorgeous things if you're willing to shell out real, jewelry store prices; but I never have that kinda pocket change.

Over the Moon Jewel has this lovely piece with a sterling silver pendant, and a strand of many multi-colored sapphires, for under $100.00!

Her shop has a wide variety of pieces combining semi-precious and precious gems with sterling silver, with some pieces in 14K gold-filled. Definitely worth the checking!


LaMia Designs said...

this is soooo beautiful~your work is great,.

Kylie B said...

Oh wow so Beautiful!

Hyla Waldron said...

My wedding ring has a large dark pink sapphire instead of a diamond!