Monday, August 25, 2008

SALE for promotional goods!

I'm trying to raise funds to get some new promotional materials (like postcards, and business cards that actually show what I make and I'd like some other things too, if I had the capital.)

FROM NOW UNTIL 09/05/08!!

**ORDER 1 CUSTOM VIAL and get 1 *FREE* upgrade! (ie. Pay for standard, get free upgrade to Sterling Silver; pay for Sterling Silver, get free upgrade to 14K gold.)

**BUY 2+ VIALS and get *1/2 OFF* any of "Izile's Experiments"

And speaking of my experiments, here's a picture of a little funny. It's my "Vampire Repellent." It's a tiny glass jar filled with items that according to legend would either repel vampires: a clove of garlic, a sterling silver cross, a miniature wooden stake, and a dried red rose bud. Capped with a scrap of dark red raw silk, and tied in place with a black satin ribbon. Just in time for Halloween.


In the realm of fun vampires, I found Jack and Ella Designs.

They have a wide variety of bracelets printed with simple quotes and some images. Whether it be a belly-up raven, quoting "Nevermore," or a favorite line from the vampire book series by Stephenie Meyer, they have a delicate and yet fun way of dealing with more gothy elements, to keep it from being too heavily dramatic.

I've never read the "Twilight" series, but most of their quotes are universally understood, without need of context.


Conscientia's Cameos said...

What a great find! I am in love with those pendants!!!

starbug1231 said...

Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog! Please stay tuned for more designs from our literary collection...