Sunday, October 26, 2008

Market done!

Whew, so yesterday was the Market, and of course, it rained and stormed almost all day. Despite all that, it was a good time, and I actually did decent for my first market, I believe!

I have just finished updating my DeviantArt gallery and my Etsy Shop with the Magic Vial Pendants that didn't find homes in those brief hours. There are now 14 up and waiting from $10.00 up to $25.00.

The current batch will be mailed with tiny miniature scrolls that list the name, ingredients and properties of each vial. I did this just for the market so people would have something to tell them what they'd bought when they got home. I know I'd forget. It was kind of labor intensive, cutting the tiny little scrolls, burning the edges, sprinkling them with rose-scented water, and so on.

Pictured to the left is one of my favorites that I hadn't expected to bring home. It's another variation of the ever-popular "Sweet Dreams" vials. This one has Sugilite and Rose Quartz as well as lavender in Sterling Silver.


I have to do two plugs today, because my first plug isn't an Etsyer. I've been corrected! Oopsie guys! You can also find RockLove on Etsy, HERE.

The table next to me was RockLove Jewelry Not only did I spent a lot of time just peering at her table, and listening to her talk about her stuff to passing customers, but she was the cutest and sweetest lady!!

It's damned near impossible to just point to one item, so I'll just point you out to what's topping her page right now: the official Repo-Man scalpel necklace.

And don't think just because I'm leading with a kind of horrific kind of item that that's her gimick, it's not! She's got vintage pin-up inspired pieces, charms, Victorian inspired, it just goes on. It really is just best if you go and see for yourself!

For my etsy plug, I'm going to stick with Halloween inspirations. My sister's been working on her Halloween costume as the Cavity Fairy. And while it's pretty late to try and order something off the internet for Halloween, you could have it shipped express, or get it for next year, or wear it to a non-halloween costume thing.

And what stood out to me here? Feather Eyelashes. Yup, fake eyelashes with feathers. I mean, talk about opulent! But that's on of the things going on at Captured Imagination. They start at $5.00 for fairly "normal" (ha!) blue feather eyelashes, but they go up to some very extravagent reaches. I doubt my ability to successfully apply false eyelashes (never tried it), but if I could, these look amazing! I only wish she had pictures somewhere of her clients or herself wearing past examples.


Allison of RockLove said...

Awww thank you! You're the best! Lol, yes, that scary little item is the official merch for the upcoming Lionsgate film "Repo! The Genetic Opera" hitting theaters Nov. 7th!

And hehehe, I am an Etsier *wink*

Let me tell everyone - IZILE HAD THE BEST SMELLING BOOTH EVER! MMmmmmmmMMMMmm A pleasure to meet you!

Devin said...

Super cool finds!!! you have a great blog and etsy shop:0)