Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Steampunk!

It's getting down to the last ten days before the Brooklyn Indie Market Steampunk Day! Woot! And I just made my first honestly steampunk jewelry set!

The wings are maple seeds covered in gold leaf, and then I used bits harvested from old clocks and watches for the rest. I used screw-back ear bobs so *anyone* can wear them (I don't have pierced ears), and have wired everything together with 14K gold-filled wire.

I know I'm running low on time for the massive craft-attack I need to put out, but I'll get there! Hopefully going to dismantle large quantities of old clocks and watches tonight in front of the tv.


There's actually a lot of Maple Seed jewelry out there! Twigs and Heather has the largest variety, and the most natural looking Maple Seed jewelry.

Her necklaces are cast in Sterling Silver, and each one is as different as the seeds she collected. I love how none of the fine vein work has been lost in the casting process.

The rest of her shop is full of more sterling silver jewelry inspired by other bits of nature. The birch bark cuffs and twig necklaces are definitely worth looking into!

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