Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Because, you know, I've been busy, like a bee, get it?

OK, enough of that. I just popped in after laundry and before some ebay listing (just some of my old crap, nothing Izile's Oddities related) to give a short update.

Sale went well, a couple of the pendants that didn't go in the BOGO got reduced a bit more, on their own, and I've started putting up a few new pieces in between custom orders for the holidays!

I now have a thinner gauge Sterling Silver wire, as well as my standard 20 gauge, that's allowing me to do some of the fancy style wrappings (like I've been doing in the 24 gauge copper) in Sterling! I really like this one, called Moonlight. It's Labradorite and black Tourmaline. VERY schnazzy looking in person!

And I'm already making plans for a holiday break back home to Mississippi, so if you want anything before then, better hurry! Only a couple of more weeks and I'll be back with the family. I probably won't quit making my stuff, but it'll slow down and my supplies will change.


And since it's the time for holiday shopping, how about a plug for what I bought off Etsy? I have two little nieces, 3 and 5, and I wanted to get them something fairy-esque. Now, it's surprisingly hard to find child-friendly fairy dolls on etsy. Most of them say for teenagers are older, not even 5, or 8, but TEENAGERS or older. Tsk. I've got nieces! I don't want to go to Wal-Mart and buy them a Barbie fairy!!

So, I bought these from Hues of Nature, who says "For ages 3 to 103"
Tiny little Holly Berry Fairy with a little jingle bell on her hand,

and Jingle Bell Pixie, also with a jingle bell on her hand.

She has a bunch more at her shop, and other little cutesy creatures as well! Definitely worth the look, and very affordable as well!


SleeplessStoryteller said...

Hi Izile. Great to hear that you're shopping on Etsy as well as selling. I'm stoked to be giving some of your vials as presents this year, but I'm also excited to experiment with making a few things myself (no copycat stuff though, not to worry).

I don't want to shop at Walmart either. Here's hoping my friends will like steampunk rings and chokers as much as your nieces will like those fairies!

Izile said...

Good luck with it, and everyone I've showed steampunk stuff too at work always freaks out and is so excited about it. Still surprises me how many young folk (20's) have never heard of steampunk.