Friday, January 9, 2009

How 'bout Those Holidays!

Whew! I know I've been gone for a bit, but being down in Mississippi with the family and a crew of old friends has not left me with massive business time.

However, my stay is coming to an end (be back in the Big City before next weekend), and I am reminded I cannot stay in lala land where Mommy feeds me, Daddy shelters me and my friends chauffeur me around like royalty.

SO! Back to work and at Warp 3 Mr. Sulu! (why 3? Because 6 is not a pretty number *bonus points for reference*)

First off! In an attempt to broaden my marketing base, I have put one of my new Magic Vial Pendants (a very kind of standard one, I admit) up on ebay. I normally dislike ebay a good bit, but it's customer base is not the same as Etsy, and while ebay won't let me link back to my Etsy store, it's not like "Izile" is a very common name, and talking about "Izile's Oddities" and posting my banner at the top of the info, well. I guess I'm hoping anyone *really* interested could easily find me with even basic google-fu.

HERE is Ebay listing for Magic Vial - Blue Winter, a combination of Lapis Lazuli and sapphire cyprus. Starting at $0.99 with my standard S&H rates. ($2.50 US, $2.00 Canada, $3.50 UK/western Europe)

ALSO, I have just come up with a new design for Valentine's Day! Using 24 gauge copper wire, I created the likeness of a full-blown rose to mold around the bulb of the vial, with accent drop off the bottom. This one is filled with Pink Fluorite, Rhodochrosite and Red Rose Petals. The drop off the bottom is pink and purple striped Fluorite, and unlike my other vials, this one is actually scented. I added consentrated rose scent oil to the vial to give it a very fresh, NOT perfumy, but lovely, realistic rose scent. The title, surprisingly, is "The Rose."

I also, depending on the response to this original, am planning another done in 24 gauge Sterling Silver wire, and while not entirely sure what the second gemstone will be, I do know I will be using some of my natural Rubies in the Sterling Silver variation.


What I found on Etsy that is somewhat related to my new little creation?

I LOVE This! BabyWhiteElephant of Etsy has this lovely Rose Ring , made from a tiny, REAL rose, coated in several layers of clear polyresin. The band is sterling silver wire wrapping.

I've always been fascinated with the polyresin coated orchids, but I do tend to favor much more delicate pieces; so the addition of this tiny variation of preserved flower is just adorable! She, of course, also has orchid rings as well as rose rings, in a few different colors, and the more standard sized pieces as well. Should certainly be given a thorough twice-over!

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Athena's Armoury said...

The Rose vial is gorgeous! Well done, chica.