Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools Day Sale!!

I've decided for April Fools Day, I'm going to be doing a bit of a "joke's on me" Sale.

It'll start at midnight, EST tonight (when my April 1st starts) and last the full 24 hours. That's IT!

The deal is:

Magic Vial Pendants - BUY 1 regular pendant GET 1 regular pendant 1/2 OFF!

OR, BUY 1 regular pendant GET 1 sale item FREE!

OR, BUY any pendant in the SALE section for 1/2 OFF!

Lollipop Hair Sticks - BUY 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1!

OR, GET 1 FREE on request with any purchase of 2 or more Magic Vial Pendants!

How it will work.

Go to Izile's Oddities on etsy, like normal, pick out the items you want and go through the etsy purchasing steps.


Then, when I get your order, I will send you a custom, adjusted invoice for the correct SALE total; and you'll pay that through paypal.com, as with any paypal invoice.

If you go ahead and pay the full price, I will be issuing a paypal refund upon receipt for the price difference.

REMEMBER: SALE is ONLY good from 12:01 a.m., April 1st, 2009, EST until 11:59 p.m., April 1st, 2009, EST!! And you MUST include the code words "APRIL FOOLS!!" in the note to seller!


And the best thing to pop up under "April Fools" on etsy?

The Albert Einstein hat and scarf combo by Shimizu AntiCorp Arts

The likeness is UNCANNY! OK, well, in knit it is! I think this is a hilarious way to keep warm and make people smile. I know I started laughing as soon as I saw the picture, and I have a feeling that if you wore this out, you'd be cracking up and laughing behind that scarf the entire time!

"Imagination is stronger than knowledge.. ." INDEED!


kim* said...

haha love the bottom Einstein mask hat

thecraftbegins said...

some people are WAY too good at the creative knitting!

Chrisy said...

Great idea for a sale...hope you get oodles of them...and the albert einstein...well it's fabulous...wouldn't he just love it!

Frenzy23 said...

haha I love that Einstein hat, what an interesting idea. I bet those could be made for all sorts of famous people's faces!
Someone should make a shop for just those :)

Princess Caitlin said...

thanks for leaving your link for me to check out your blog!
Your profile picture is lovely!

Amber said...

That's adorable and completely rad!!!!

Izile said...

Ha! Thanks guys! And yeah, I think that'd be great if some master-knitter next fall came out with a whole shop of famous faces in hat/scarf combos! That'd be brilliant!