Saturday, March 28, 2009


Woo, this is going to be a picture heavy post! Yesterday, I went for a nice long walk all over through the rambles and "wild," and took my camera along with me as well!

I know it's got nothing to do with anything, but I absolutely loved the tangled knotting of bare tree branches.

I also managed to find quite a bit of fresh blooms for my spring line of Magic Vial Pendants. The Periwinkle vial sold within an hour of me listing it on etsy! It was quite lovely, though: lavender iolite, purple fluorite and a periwinkle flower.

I'm also quite happy with this one on the right, a recreation of my Goddess Vial. I randomly came across an Andromeda bush. I hadn't seen one since I was last in Seattle; I wasn't even aware they grew in NY! So I took the opportunity to recreate this all white vial, each component somehow connected to an aspect of a goddess, with Moonstone, Opal and Andromeda flowers in sterling silver. And while it may look plain white in the photos, the moonstone and opal both have great color refraction up close!

ALSO, today I got featured in another blog! RanaMuck from Etsy did a lovely write up on me in her blog: HERE She had sent me some sample feathers to see what I could come up with in ways to incorperate them into jewelry. So definitely go by her blog and her Etsy shop, too!


So, to go along with my featured vial, and just kind of the mood/season I'm in; I thought I'd do a search on Etsy for other goddess themed items.

What caught my attention first, and was just unique and beautiful: Moosup Valley Designs has a pendant made of mammoth ivory, engraved with a beautiful image of the goddess of trees.

Not only is it such a beautiful piece with amazing detail; but using mammoth ivory is such a unique and ecologically friendly material to use.

There are other pieces, less expensive, not made from mammoth ivory, but cast resin. There's even a piece carved into baltic amber! But the scrimshaw work and detail remain amazing in each piece!


mary jane said...

i LOVE that tree picture!

Izile said...

Thanks! I know it's not very "spring-y" or anything, but I just saw those branches and LOVED it on sight!

thecraftbegins said...

Those pendants rock socks.