Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Vernal Equinox!

Spring has sprung! Well, so I'm told back home in Mississippi, anyrate. Apparently, we had snow up here. But, today is bright and sunny, even if the sunshine is deceptive (high of 47? still chilly to me!). But still, it means I can start yelling at the weather if it goes below freezing again and not upwards of 60, where I'd much rather it go.

The girls at FAE (Fantasy Artists of Etsy) of course had their Spring Exhibition! HERE My own inclusion, Magic Vial - Spring 3 already sold a little over a week ago.

I, unfortunately, in a lot of ways am at the mercies of nature when it comes to my Magic Vial Pendants ingredients, at least the herbal/floral parts. As spring has not yet come full and well to NYC, I can't do much that I truly feel is "spring-like" with my Magic Vials Pendants. However, I am keeping a *close* eye on a nearby Lilac shrub that's in bud. The picture here is of one of my favorite Magic Vial Pendants, one from last year's lilac bloom. Lilac blossoms are just about as perfect a flower as there can be for my pendants, so I'm very excited about getting to work with them again. Also, another good warm, sunny day and I'll probably go out hiking to see if I can collect more wild floral specimens, like native tiny crocus or what-have-you up here.


So, I went with "spring" and immediately got a little freaked at the over 3,000 pages that etsy through at me, but then, right there on the first page. . . BEAUTIFUL!

Emily Balivet 's own, original painting was staring straight at me, and it was just what I wanted to see! "The Council of Cernunnos - Beltane Rites" is an absolutely beautiful painting in acrylic. The nymphs remind me of Waterhouse, and the bowing and re-lacing of the woods and canopy are elegant and magical! I don't have the thousands it would take to buy the original, but thankfully for us, Ms. Balivet sells prints! a 5x7 of this very painting can be bought for $4.00! Now isn't that something! The rest of her gallery is extensive and is definitely worth taking the time to look through the 14 pages of prints and originals.


TheresaJ said...

Your spring vial is precious! I love lilics. I have a small white lilac tree (really more of a bush at this point) in my front garden. Can't wait for it to bloom. It was grown from a slip (or sucker) from one of my neighbor,s lilac trees, given to me about 7 or 8 years ago. I thought it would produce lovely purple or lavendar flowers, but was surprised to find they were white when it first bloomed. Smells just as lovely, even if they are devoid of color.

Parallax said...

That's beautiful! I love love love lilacs

threadsofmagique said...

Hi, I just joined Entrecard and I'm sure glad you dropped on my blog or I might have missed oue on your wonderful products. Don't know hos I missed your shop since I belong to faeetsy, but I did. Now I can't wait to check out your vials and hairsticks. I've loved hairsticks for years but never saw a lollipop one. Donna