Friday, March 20, 2009


Yeah, that's why there's not much in the top part of this post; I've been sick all week. Nasty sinus infection that migrated to the chest. Bletch. But it's almost over and I'm starting to feel a lot more like myself.

So, you get to skip the whole self-promotion of my latest creation and jump straight into not-quite-random Etsy Seller promotions!


You know, it's not-quite-random, because I do have a theme I work within for each post; but it's *almost* random, because I never know who I'm going to be talking about until I start this.

and HA! Just out of curiosity, I searched "Sinus" on etsy, and sure enough!

OK, now I *LIVE* on a hot rice bag during the winter. My Mom makes them, and I just always have one for that extra heat. And hot/cold rice bags are all over etsy, so many sellers, there' s no way to tell.

However. . . this little item, I think this is unique; and I sure as hell never heard of it, but I am intrigued!

Rhi-invented : Natural Health & Holistic Healing has something called "ear candles." According to the listing, you lightly stick one of these in your ear while laying on your side, and let a "helper" light the opposite end of it, and the fire creates a light suction that helps clean the ears and relieve pressure throughout the sinus.

Fascinating! Completely new to me. I am curious, and if my ears were still clogged up (and if I had a "helper" ha! not likely) I'd be tempted to try it! Maybe something to consider for you coupled off folks.

The rest of her shop is filled with all sorts of homemade natural products to help you feel better. And really, some of the most different and unique items for this genre. Definitely worth peeking through.

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