Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bad Day!

My day yesterday was such a mess. I am literally compelled to get it down (on cyber-paper, I guess) so hopefully it can get out of my head.

So, it starts off cold and rainy; but I'm upbeat because I've got a job interview! Yeah! (yes, still very much NEED a day job!) My temp agency said they thought I was over-qualified, but I'd insisted I wanted *anything* - and I do. So, I'm being positive, despite the nasty weather. I get all dressed up, I'm looking sharp, and I'm going to go get me a job!

So, I go over, enjoying the bus ride and the light rain isn't too bad; I have a little umbrella. So I find the place, I go in, seems like a nice small office. And so the interview begins. I smiled and was polite and professional all the way through, even when the questions started turning completely disturbing. This is for a job doing customer service and sales over the phone/internet for a small industrial business. And the guy is asking me if I like to go to bars, do I drink, do I have a boyfriend, do I date, have I ever done any erotic work in the past? OMGWTFBBQ??!!?!?!

So, I leave and I'm all sorts of flustered and confused. Normally, whenever distressed, I grab my cell phone. I can always call my Mom and she'll help calm me down. (I live with PTSD, so having that connection and comfort always at my fingers is very important!) But it's raining harder now, and getting colder, and I tell myself I'll call as soon as I get on the bus.

So, I'm getting soaked, despite my umbrella, when I see the bus pass me. So, in heels, in the rain, I run to try and catch my bus; and I just make it.

That's when I reach to get my cell phone from it's pocket in my purse and. . . . it's gone.

So now I'm upset, wet, having a bit of an anxiety moment, and I can't call Mom, because I just lost my phone, which adds more anxiety and stress to the situation. I really don't have money for a new phone!

So, I go home, change, look up the nearest AT&T store, and go to get me a new phone. Except the sales man says that it's new AT&T policy that the cheapest phone they can sell me (since I'm no where near my renewal plan) is $190! I *CANNOT* afford $190! Period! And my nerves are frayed already and I think he can tell I'm about to have a meltdown. So he tells me I can go to Wal-Greens or Radio Shack and go buy a disposable phone and they can put my sim card in that.

I'll condense the next part, because I'm getting long winded here. Bought phone, wrong phone, return phone, go to new place, wait forever to buy phone, only one phone left, phone twice as expensive as labeled, I crack, phone price is reduced under threat of scene, return, right phone but can't give me a sim card because I'm on a family plan and I'm not the original account holder, who I can't get a hold of.

I was in such a state while I walked home (and I chose to walk home in the barely-dripping rain for 15 blocks to help try and calm me down) that one of the crazy homeless panhandlers on Broadway started to come up to me, took one look at me and said, "nevermind" and walked away.

Yeah. It wasn't pretty.

It's all resolved now, but I was in such a state when I got home, I had to take an extra anxiety pill, called Mom (got Dad, turns out Mom is in KY at a quilting festival), and have been trying to rebuild my address book. My new phone is a P.O.S., butit'll work until I get a real job and am not in serious financial dire straits anymore.


And after all that, today's feature is just going to be a pull from my own Favorites list.

It seems only right to plug Angry Girl Gear - Custom, Handmade Clothing with Attitude. Normally, I'd say a lot of her stuff is more goth/punk than I would be; at least these days. But I've always believed that individual pieces can have their attitude tweaked by the wearer's own personality and style. That said, there are a couple of pieces at her shop that I keep an eye on, should I ever have the funds and the occasion. The "innocence corset" would probably better sui my petite bust size; but I have to admit, the piece I'd really love is the Dominance Corset featured here (though I would take off the straps).

And hey, if that weren't interesting enough, she's running a sale to take $15.00 off all her items! Swanky!


mermaiden said...

ok, that goes in the record books as one of the crappiest days ever. i would have had a sob fest, and then gotten my period.
hope today is better!

thehangingflower said...

Sorry about your terrible day! I have had some quite like that as well. It happens when looking for a job, having no money, and having anxiety!!! Hope today is better as well.

Cherry Tart Design said...

You poor thing! Hopefully there will come a day when you will be able to look back on the experience and laugh. Until then, at least you can vent.

As far as creepy interview guy goes, I would suggest letting your temp agency know what kind of questions they were asking, maybe they'll drop them as a client.

audreyscountrycrafts said...

Oh my! What a day!! I feel for you. It can only go up from here.

I'm with Cherry on letting someone know what went on in the interview.

Izile said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the comments of support.