Saturday, April 25, 2009

Izile's Adventures in Brookland

Well, "Brooklyn" actually, but it was called Brookland way back in founder days. I was going to call it "Good Day!" but I'm more partial to this mild literary homage.

That being said, it was a good day. It was warm (sometimes hot) and sunny and I wandered all over the place! I climbed a tree in Fort Greene Park, and sat in its branches, drinking my Mango-Blood Orange beverage and sketching in my mini pad. I rambled accidentally into the Brooklyn Flea Market; and rambled right on down Flatbush where I bought a new rock: Spectral Hematite!

I also, just yesterday, found the first barely blooming buds of Lilac for a custom order! I put the branch in water, and now I've got a lovely bunch of blooming Lilacs! That's what I did with my Spectral Hematite tonight. I blended it with White Tourmaline and Lilac flowers, for a protection charm. Lilacs being particularly good at warding away evil and Hematite a great stone for deflecting negativity. I am sad, however, that all the lovely sparkly colors seem to go away when submersed in oil. *very sad pouty face* These are questions that shop keepers cannot answer, so there's no way to know until you try! That, and said shop keepers do not want to give refunds once their merchandise has been hit with a hammer.

The lilacs are still pretty.


I've always loved lilacs, even before I really got into the meaning and symbolism of herbs and flowers. My mother, in a valiant effort, tried to grow four lilac bushes in our yard. Lilacs do not like Mississippi summers. Three died almost instantly, I believe; and the other died a year or so later, but never managed to bloom. I do want to point out that this is no reflection on my mother as a gardener. She's been a certified master gardener, and for decades before that has had one of the most lush and verdant green thumbs I've ever seen.

That said, there's quite a bit of "lilac" on etsy, but very little of it seems to have anything to do with the plant or flower (more like the color; not quite as bad as searching "lavender" but almost.)

And out of it all, I think my favorite pick today is Cottage Classic's handmade lilac soy melts. You get 5 for $3.50, they're a soft purple, and scented to let your home smell like the light, clean scent of lilacs. She also has 41 other scents to choose from as well.

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