Friday, April 17, 2009


I've posted pictures of the gemstones I've worked with here before. But I just got a new little gem of a gem, and am excited to work with it; but I want to make sure I do it proper!

Jelly Opal! I was not familiar with this particular gem, but when I saw it, oh my! It has the translucency of jelly (or jell-o, if you'd rather), was bright orange, but still had the flecks of blue/green fire inside it that is prized in all opals.

I've been considering holding it for a custom order, at least until I figure out what I want to do with it. I figure my piece is big enough for two Magic Vial Pendants.

Opals are symbols of purity, faithfulness, hope, creativity, expression and good luck. Depending on their color, opals can associate with almost any element. Fire opals, obviously tend to Fire, though traditional white opals more reflect water, and others a blend of water and earth.


Interested in this new gemstone, I went to check and see what was available on Etsy; and there wasn't really much.

So I decided to have fun and search "JELLY!" And there's LOTS of good stuff if you search "jelly"!

Black Fire Glassworks has a beautiful glass jellyfish pendant.

Just shy of 2 inches, with variegated shades of red, orange and pink. He also has 2 other variations of glass jellyfish, fractionally smaller and in shades of blue.

Beautifully done and an elegant expression of those stinging little bastards of the deep!

And while I would dearly LOVE to plug an Etsy Jelly maker. I have never bought jelly or jam on the internet; my Mom keeps me quite well supplied with her own kitchen creations, so I've never had the need. And, the only time I've ever sought out jelly particularly on the internet, I found the flavors I were looking for were nowhere to be found. Plus, it can be extremely expensive to ship jelly. Now, if anyone on etsy ever decides to start selling Kudzu jelly, or Honeysuckle jelly, then I might have to amend this.


mermaiden said...

wow- jelly opal. i'm coveting it already. can't wait to see what you end up doing with it.
there's an etsy jelly-seller who does a cotton candy flavor (it's a luminous blue color- makes me think of when i wanted to eat blue hair gel when i was a kid), and also a bubble gum flavor (prett pink, another color that hair gel came in...hmmmmm...). she's in canada, and i'm not, so you're spot on about the high shipping.

Baroness Bijoutery said...

I have never seen a Jelly Opal and believe I have seen lots of them. It is my birthstone so I have some of those beauties...I would love to have that Jelly one...I'm pouting..can you tell :)

elsiee said...

excuse me while I wipe up the drool... those stones are amazing! just discovered your blog on an etsy forum thread, so glad I did! come on over and visit me sometime:

JB said...

Thanks Izile, neat blog!

Izile said...

Thanks guys, and believe me, I know! That's why that little jelly opal came home with me, because I'd never seen/heard of anything quite like it!