Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday, Friday!

Ahh, boss is in depositions, half the office isn't even in. It's a good time to try and tend to the internet part of Izile's Oddities! I have a new order of vials being delivered currently, and have caught up on custom orders with my last ones (until the new batch comes in). I've also got a fresh batch of cotton filled shipping boxes, YEAH!

My latest piece, using the last bottle that did not have the bale screwed into the cork, is a form of sun-activated car air freshener. I left out the herbal component, kept the symbolic gemstones (this one is spectral/rainbow Hematite and Kunzite) and replaced the oil with a concentrated fragrance oil (cherry blossom & fruit candy). The bale is part of the wire wrapping, for extra strength and security, and the cork is unsealed so if you need to refill the oil or want to change the fragrance at some point, you can do it.

The way it works is simple: you hang the bottle around your rear-view mirror, and on sunny days, the sun will hit the vial, warming the oil and causing it to dissipate through the cork, scenting the car. Back when I lived in Mississippi and drove everywhere, I had a similar bottle hanging from my mirror with a half strawberry half orange blend. My car always smelled so good, and the oil lasted for AGES before it needed to be refilled!

I've also made one of these for a friend of mine; and traded a variation dipped in gold leaf to a woman who wanted to fill hers with perfume oil.


Other things I miss about having a car are the cool decals and bumper stickers. I never went *crazy* crazy with them. I think at most, I'd have 2 bumper stickers (one on either side of the actual bumper) and then sometimes a decal or two on the windows. I like them, but I'm also very picky.

That said, BEST ETSY DECAL EVER!! If I still drove a car, I'd have to have this on there. Not only is it promoting etsy, which I love, and the buying of handmade products (good explanation to the many who go "huh?" when you mention etsy) but it's a beautiful design, well done, and an interesting shape!

It's made by Monster Promos, and they have this design in packs of stickers and tshirts and other custom products for your shop as well.

I am perplexed, however, that most every other item under "car bumper sticker" had something to do with Twilight (hhhaaaaaaaaaaaate Twilight with a passion! stupid fangless, teenage mormon-allegory vampires who SPARKLE and have angst without drama! Arg! NO!).


fivemonkiesreview said...

From the "boss is in depositions" comment I take it you are a paralegal or legal secretary? My boss was in court today. Deps the rest of the week.

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You've won an Award! Please stop by my blog at to pick it up!