Thursday, June 18, 2009

I hate the rain

I hate the rain! I hate the rain! I hate the cold! and I hate that it's the middle of JUNE, almost Summer Solstice and STILL it's cold and wet, day after day, after day, after day.


So, we're just going to hit my favorite's list on etsy.

My newest favorite is a little creepy and fairly pricey compared to my usual plugs, but it reminds me of one of my favorite websites: Custom Creature Taxidermy. The original uses roadkill and found. . . things. .. to create gaffs and fantasy taxidermy. It can be morbid, but it can also be very fascinating! Her Capcricorn (pictured) has always been one of my favorites!

Well, Torree has some similar ideas. Pictured at left is a little black taxidermy unicorn made from a still-born black lamb. Torree is very clear in all of her listings that no animals are ever killed to produce her taxidermy; the same is promoted by Custom Creature Taxidermy, above.

She also has a standing white unicorn for just under $1,000.00, as well as lambs and squirrels available.

I know a lot of people might find this just too morbid, but while I've never been fond of traditional taxidermy, there's something about the creation of gaffs that's appealing to me. I guess, it ties back into my "Wizard's Study" that I want in my house one day when I 'grow up.' I want a room, library/study kind of place where there's real artifacts right along side with very realistic and convincing fakes. King of a giant Wonder Cabinet blown up and drug through the realms of fantasy along the way.

To be honest, the whole fascination with this kind of thing comes from the cover art of Dragon Lance's Mage Stones board game I played as a kid.

It's hard to find a descent picture of the cover on-line, but the main art is a painting of a wizard (Raistlin), sitting at an arcande stone desk in a study/office/library filled with all sorts of strange and wonderful details. So, I've wanted a room like that ever since!

The fascination comes and goes in waves over time. Maybe I should do a series of posts on the kinds of things I'd like in my "Wizard's Study."


Kara Witham said...

Hey there,

EEEeeeeeeeeeek! And a little bit Ewwwwwww...but fascinating...and put a smile on my face after all. Gotta love a unicorn, especially a black one, even if it used to be a lamb in a former life.


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Have a lovely day,

Arlene deWinter said...

I like these even though I don't like killing animals for such things. These are well done.
I live in Seattle and I find rainy days perfect for writing. I don't have to feel bad about staying inside, its quiet, and somethings about the gloom feeds my (rather morbid) imagination.I like winter for that reason too.
Nice blog by the way. I hope you keep posting cards on my blog!