Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The {NewNew} of NYC

Yup! I just joined the {NewNew} street team of etsy; even went to my first meeting on Monday.

In celebration, and since I had to update all my etsy items with "newnewteam" tags, I've reduced the prices on several of my Izile's Experiments, like the pictured "Power Amulet" made from brass and quartz crystal.

Also, you'll notice new links being added to my side panel (though, for the lazy. . .)

{NewNew} home site

{NewNew} blog

and of course, you can go to etsy and search "newnewteam" to get all the various members' products.


Speaking of which, guess where I'll be getting today's features from?

Some of my personal favorites while searching through are Ardent1's texturized silver rings. She not only has this layered burlap style, but also lace, flowers, leaves, and other hand-styled designs. The construction of her jewelry makes these pieces extremely original, and for a higher rate, even gold can be used to finish off your ring.

And, feeding into my love of little birdy silhouettes, Yours Truly xoxo has this this great lamp shade. The orange and brown color scheme gives it a particularly retro-vintage feel. And hey, if you're not a fan of this fabric, she custom makes them, you pick the fabric and she makes the shades!

And last pick for today's features (but not least, of course) is Ikyoto for tickling my geeky-nerdy bone. A few humorous items (like the moth on a spring that pops out of an empty wallet) mixed in with scientific themed tshirts with funny diagrams (he says they are taken from vintage Japanese textbooks). I believe the Oxidation one (pictured) is probably my favorite. I just wish I could read the Japanese.

And there's plenty more to look through, so definitely go search "newnewteam" yourself!


Kara Witham said...

I've never wished I could read Japanese, wish I could speak it though. Arigato! I think that means thank you. I don't know. I'm a Korean-American who speaks conversational French.

...let us know what today is inspiring to you and are you imagining something...? -- in my latest blog post here:

Yay, thanks!

Ikyoto said...

Thanks so much for including me in your feature of NewNew members! I am a "she," but am a macho girl who loves power tools, so am not offended by the confusion. :)