Friday, September 11, 2009

Remnants of D*Con

OK, this should be my last post mentioning DragonCon for a while. I just got in my birthday gift for myself in the mail. I'd bought it at the Con and then had it shipped, since they were out of my color preference.

I can be absolutely corset crazy! Now I have a black brocade underbust corset (my mother made me one by an old Victorian pattern she found, and it's amazing, but then she said, "NEVER AGAIN!") and so now this is my second good corset (not counting the cheap red one I got off ebay for $30.00 that had spandex paneling years and years ago). A lovely rich brown brocade and copper-y satin! I see a steampunk costume being built to go along with my Mad Scientist costume next year!

Corset by Timeless Trends.


Now, obviously, there's two things I feel I should say here before I move on to plugging etsy corseters: 1. There's a LOT of them! 2. Without being able to try them all in possible, I can't really speak to how well they wear, comfort, durability or craftsmanship. What I'm going off is the look, originality, pricing, and things you can judge just by reading and looking. I *assume* that all etsy craftspeople do their best to make their best products; but these are not personal testimonies. (I'd love to have more corsets, but yes, spent my b-day money on that one above, and as I am still unemployed, there's no real budget for more corsetry.)

We're actually starting with a seller from the UK. InnerVersion has one particular corset that caught my attention. Not only is the fabric interesting and an eye-catching color, but I love the halter neck and side detailing. She has others without the side detailing in other colors, but I really like the addition of the halter neck to the overbust corset. And considering the conversion rate of pounds to dollars, it's very reasonably priced!

Of course, me personally, I favor underbust corsets because I'm more on the svelte side, and I've never tried on an overbust corset that just didn't make me a bit disappointed; but that's fine! Because InnerVersion even has the best priced full leather underbust corset! Definitely give her shop a looking over!


Theresa said...

I'd love to get a really nice waist cincher or underbust corset to wear out. They are very expensive, especially if you want a quality one but well worth it.

Lenox Knits said...

Gorgeous. I love the one you got. It's not too over the top and has such lovely lines and details. I would love to have one.

Prisqua said...

They are awesome! I so love corsets too but my partner said: "only if you were them inside the house" lol