Sunday, November 1, 2009

Veritas Equitas!

First off, I hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween!!

Secondly, as the title indicates, today is All Saint's Day, and all that means to me is that I get to go see the new Boondock Stains sequel, All Saints Day! WOOOOO!!

Now, I want someone to explain something to me, which might be a sensitive subject, before I get all high-handed here.

So, what's the deal with people on etsy who make movie merchandise? They can't all possibly be licensed. Are these legal? I really don't want to plug any merchandise that's illegally infringing on, particularly one of my favorite, movies. (And particularly a movie that has been plagued by bad luck and lots of financial and legal difficulties.)

So, if anyone has an opinion on this, I'd love to hear the thoughts.


So, since I can't plug anything related to today from etsy. I'm going to have to reach into my favorites stash and pull someone out at random.

I don't remember ever giving this artist a plug before, so hopefully I'm not being repetitive here. Sarah K Designs has really touched something off in me today. It's the gold finches.

Years and years ago, when I was only about 13 years old, my grandmother had come to live with us in her last stages of adrenal cancer. One of her last joys was to sit by the large window in the great room with her binoculars and a book on different birds of the United States. That last spring, just a bare month before she finally died, the yard was filled up with gold finches. None of us had ever seen any before. Grandma was so excited! Our yard was covered up with gold finches; and it was beautiful!

Then the gold finches left, Grandma died, peacefully, and we've never really seen them since. Mother says she may spot one, rarely, in early spring, and it always reminds her of Grandma. So, too, gold finches will always remind me of my Grandmother. Heck, it wasn't quite 2 years ago, during one of the most painful experiences I've endured in my young life, that I sat and watched as a little female goldfinch found me in Seattle and tapped and beat at the window for nearly two days straight.

Sarah has beautiful gold finch prints! I have not always been a fan of digital collages, but these really tug at me. I'm not sure if I like the one on the right better, or the left, so I'm having to feature them both.

Also, she has lots of other birds, animals, seasonal specials, holiday cards. I definitely recommend taking the time to look through her work!

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