Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Arrived

Still feeling under, so this will be brief; but I finally got in my gemstone shipment in from Thailand. (The quality, size, and expense of corundum, in particular, isn't very good at the local gem shops where I can get most everything else.)

So, pictured here, once on a black background and once on a white, we have my little piles of blue sapphires, red rubies and, since I was already paying the shipping and handling, I threw in a little bit of peridot. The peridot is the only thing that will need breaking down before it goes into vials, and they're not that high on the Moh's hardness scale, so it won't be difficult. One reason I like buying the sapphires and rubies like this is because they're generally small enough to not need cleaving. Remember, kiddies, the only thing harder than corundum (sapphires and rubies) is a diamond!


For another etsy seller who deals in rough gemstones, I like Jealousy Jewelry & Designs. There are a variety of rough gems and crystals set in various fashions, but for today's post, I really like her rough sapphire earrings (pictured left.)

There are also pieces in purely sterling silver and with polished gems, but what I like is regardless of whether the pieces are made without gems, with either polished or rough gems, all the pieces have a very unique and organic feel to them. Definitely take the time to look through their shop!

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janaes jewels said...

I purchase most of my gemstones from Thailand as well - have prided myself on the quantity, quality and fabulous deals I've made along the way. Stock is not what it used to be though - makes me nervous!
Just dropped a card and thought I'd say HI!