Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back in Brooklyn!

This will be brief because I've still got a lot to do.

I just wanted to make a note that I'm back in Brooklyn, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is going to have a great New Year!

I just took my Etsy shop off vacation mode and renewed the few things that had lapsed while I was on vacation (and marked them down and moved them to the SALE section!) It will still be a bit before I can start making new things, but I wanted to go ahead and open up since I am home and can go to the Post Office now.


For my plug, just because I'm glad to be back, I searched "Brooklyn."

Firstly, I saw this and had to include it, though you might have noticed I don't really include a lot of photography in my plugs. But I love this park, and that tree in particular, and this is a great photo of it.

It's an 11x14 from Dooley Images of Astoria.

At the etsy shop you can also find other examples of photography. I also like the high saturation in the fall leaf shots.

My other pick is a tote bag from My Cute Handbags of Brooklyn. 15x14.5 in cotton canvas, in a choice of colors, and best of all, printed with a design of Brooklyn pigeons. Great for books or some light grocery running.

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storybeader said...

is that the Brooklyn Bridge? It's a great park, right on the river there. But that can't be December!! ♫Welcome home♫ {:-D