Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ruby Rises

I had just finished putting together a "Wordless Wednesday" blog post when I realized it was Thursday! Ha!

So, one more time, with words! So, last night I updated my Etsy with 5 new Magic Vial Pendants (and the 3 new experiments), including a couple featuring genuine rubies. I started a couple of years ago bringing out bunches of ruby based vials before Valentine's Day, though they seem more popular after it's over. Hey, I'm no fan of V-day, from personal experience, but I do think the rubies make lovely pieces, and love charms can be about self love, familial love and universal love just as much as romantic love.

The two I'm featuring today, are the above smaller version, alternating rubies and freshwater pearls, and the standard size with rubies, kunzite and obsidian with swirly sterling silver heart, pictured here at left.


So, of course, I'm going to be searching Etsy for people using real rubies, hopefully in the very affordable category.

My first find was a pair of earrings from Leslie's Baubles. These earrings are in Sterling Silver, and a combination of genuine rubies and white freshwater pearls. They're entitled "Romantic Rubies" and at under $20 after S&H, it's definitely a great deal! (Hey Leslie, can you make those in clip-back/screw-back?)

I highly recommend browsing through the rest of Leslie's etsy shop. She has a lot of other styles in earrings, and there are some truly beautiful necklaces in stock as well.


Leslie's Baubles said...

I probably could make them with screw back posts.

Izile said...

screw back posts? I'm not sure what that is. Thing is, I don't do piercings, no extra holes in the body of any kind whatsoever.

kate said...

Love your work!

Leslie's Baubles said...

Ah sorry, I misread what you were asking. I do not have any screw-back or clip-back earring findings, and have never worked with them, but I'll see if I can find some that would work. Btw, I featured your blog on my facebook page on Jan, 14th, but I don't know how many people checked it out. I'm new to the blogging world. :-)

Moody Girl said...

I LOVE your necklaces!