Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So after 4 days of almost non-stop fighting with computers, I have a new one! About time, my last PC was bought in 2001, and while it had been upgraded, piece by piece over the years, it was way overdue for retirement. I'm hoping this will make all the computer parts of my business easier.

A good example is, it used to take me hours to do the whole Entrecard thing with the dropping and searching and buying ad space, I just did it in under an hour, while multitasking! Woot!

And while my old Photoshop 7 and Alien Skin Eye Candy 4000 / Nature 5 were not compliant with Windows 7, so I've lost them, it doesn't take 30 minutes just to open up my graphics editor to resize and crop my photos! Woot!

Not least of all, that I can now run multiple windows again, which will make updating this blog a lot faster and easier as well! Woot!

On the crafting front, I made three new experimental pendants that I put up on DeviantArt last night and am going to be listing on etsy shortly. Two *tiny* moonstone pendants in sterling silver (the smallest is literally 1cm round cabochon) and another experiment with jeweled beetle wings (shown here). It's a challenging little piece to try and capture on film, so there's a lot of photos to go into the etsy listing.

Tonight, I plan to sit down and really get going on my Magic Vial Pendants again. I've had some ideas, but with the computer problem, it hardly seemed to make sense to be crafting when there was no way to get photos online.


So, let's revisit an old search theme and see if there's more now than there was then. Yup, "experiment." I think creative experimentation is absolutely necessary, and I love seeing what other people have been messing around with.

People's Couture has a very interesting experimental bracelet, where they played with various layers, colors and shapes of leather and silk. The result is striking and definitely achieves their goal of "futuristic looking."

As an extra bonus, this particular version of the experimental cuff is part of a current Sample Sale and is marked down from $69 to $35!

CandaceJean also got carried away into an experiment by a wave of imagination. A tiny birch wood egg became her canvas and became "experiment number one." It comes in the box filled with Spanish moss, and, at $7.00 is a very affordable piece of one of a kind art. And, to take from her own listing, CandaceJean, I do hope you keep on "eggsperimenting."

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mycandacejean said...

Thanks so much for featuring my little egg! I'm sure more will come along eventually in the future.. :)

Congrats on the new computerage, and I think your beetle wing pendant is so pretty!