Saturday, February 6, 2010

February and Forward

I really admire the dedication of people who manage to blog everyday. I think the hardest thing about these is writing even when you feel like you've got nothing to say. I find that's really been how I've felt the past week. I had to visit my doctor again today for a little lingering problem, which he said as long as there's no fever, it should pass in a couple of days, but if fever starts, to call them immediately. I had a nice long soaky bath and that helped the aching quite a bit.

I do not blog about retail chains, but I had hand mixed a scrub for the bath by blending kosher salt, table sugar, oil (depends, sometimes I use coconut, sometimes almond, or jojoba), sometimes honey, and a perfume oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I fully admit to being an absolute BPAL addict. And while they're not an etsy seller, they are a small, independently run business. I will contain myself so I can move on to the real etsy seller plugs, but if anyone ever has any questions, I can talk with some good deal of emotional attachment to all the reasons why I love this brand.


So, in reference to my bodily aches and the relieving bath, I thought I'd go revisit a category I haven't plugged in a bit: etsy's extensive bath and body sellers.

Things have changed a bit since last I browsed! I love solid bubble bath bars, but I always feel better when I buy from etsy sellers direct. And Candied the Bath Bakery has quite a few options!

At first, with the cupcake shaped bombs and the name, I was afraid everything might end up being entirely too sweet and too foodie. I can appreciate some of that, but it's not normally my go-to scent category. But she's got everyone covered! The Violet scented products list notes of lilac and carnation as well as the namesake. There are even masculine scented products like Bamboo and Teak that also include notes of cedar, musk and sandalwood. Me, I love the sound and look of this Margaritaville Bubble Bar (shown).

But, I love options! And another etsy seller definitely caught my attention in the same category, though she calls her solid bubble bath bars "Bath Taffy." Moody Girl Aromatherapy has a completely different aesthetic and scent range. Her "taffy" are simple and elegant with the cute wrappings of a saltwater taffy candy. She also carries one of my favorite scent/drink combinations: MOJITO!! (shown) and the Coconut-Lime sounds like a closer runner up!

Hey, it's the winter, it makes me crave citrus.


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Thanks for all the great info about these shops...

Moody Girl said...

Thanks for mentioning my Bath Taffy! I love your blog. Good work.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the information, one of my New Year's resolutions, aside from all the obligatory ones about getting firm control on my weight/life/career/etc was to banish mass-produced bath products from my life and treat myself to handcrafted bubble baths and soaps, and this post gives me some more to browse through.