Thursday, March 4, 2010


I actually made real, honest-to-goodness earrings! Two pair, actually. I made a more "traditional" style, pictured here at left, all in sterling silver in swirls over freshwater pearls; and then a pair of muchly requested Magic Vial Earrings, at right.

As I've stated before, I don't have pierced ears (never have) so I know almost nothing about the ear wire parts of earrings. I bought sterling silver ones to better protect against allergies, I thought. The wires look awful tiny to me, I didn't think they might come in different sizes. I showed them to my sis (who wears earrings all the time, and she said the wire size was about right for how small my stuff is), but, if you have any questions, or I'm leaving out some kind of vital information, please let me know. This is all very new to me.


Obviously, I'm going to be plugging earrings today :-) But goodness! That's 14718 PAGES. Yeah, obviously I'm not going to get to see everyone before I pick a couple of favorites. So, I shall go into the subcategory just for earrings, and look under "dangle" because those are my favorite kinds! (6709 pages, whew, that's better but still a long way to go).

I will make another addendum that there are some amazing earrings in the upper ranges, but considering my own bank account and the economy here in the US, I just don't feel right plugging jewelry that costs as much or more than my monthly rent.

At the higher end of the spectrum, Artwear by Mona really had one piece that jumped out at me. Her pastel pearl wire wrapped dangling earrings made from freshwater pearls and Argentium silver are beautiful and very unique! They are 3 inches in length and obviously required a great amount of time, thought and patience by Mona!

And with her etsy shop having 17 pages of goodies, ranging from $10 to almost $200, it's definitely worth the browsing to see if she's got something just for your style and budget.


And in the $30 and under bracket, because I love briolettes, Nay Designs caught my attention with this simple but elegant pair of earrings. Plus, they are called her "Spirit Circle Earrings" and "Spirit" is the theme of my Magic Vial Earrings, so bonus ka for that. They're made with sterling silver and a 1" diameter hammered silver circle with dangling briolettes of onyx and opalite. Just lovely! She doesn't have a lot of traditional styled jewelry, but her shop has a very interesting variety of items including some very fun hair clips! Be sure to take a peek.


Alterity Button Jewelry said...

do not fret...the earring size is perfect for the focal hanging from them. And I love those vial earrings!

Jane said...

Beautiful Earrings Indeed. Thanks for sharing such a lovely pair..

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