Tuesday, March 9, 2010


and restless. So, it's the second week since the mild foot injury and the weather got gorgeous over the weekend. Which means, instead of resting it like I probably should, I've been out traipsing all over creation, as much as I can bare. Went past Central Park yesterday and it's still to early to go looking for fresh spring blooms (I have no illusion that spring has come so early to NYC). But it is getting me antsy for spring. I want to be in the garden, I want growing herbs and budding flowers -and that means my spring line of Magic Vial Pendants (and, when the time comes, the return of the very popular Sakura vials.)


So, as I sit, trying to rest, all fidgety and twitchy, let's see what on etsy has me dreaming of spring?

Oh, I'm bending the rules (my blog, my rules) and featuring a piece that's well out of my price range. But, it's just soooooo pretty!! The Paradiso Bracelet by Claire Pearse is a jumble or gorgeously colored and brightly faceted gems. Now, for format's sake, I have to keep the images kind of small, but you really need to go look at the full sized close up shots of this piece, HERE. It contains Grape Amethyst, Pink Topaz, Pink Amethyst, Green Vesuvianite, and even some Ruby accents. And I'm sure I've stated before, I'm a huge fan of briolettes. I shall have to console myself at 7-8" in diameter, that it would have been many inches too big for me, even if I had a proper day-job at the moment.

However, for those of you who have pierced ears, her shop has more easily affordable earrings all showing great creativity, quality and beautiful workmanship! There's even a Paradiso set to match the bracelet! Truly, a shop full of eye-candy!

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Hot Rocks said...

What a yummy gemstone bracelet! I will check out her shop right now!