Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rain, Rain, go Away!!

One problem with being a Southern transplant to the frozen north is not coping real well with how long the winters are. By mid-March I'm in full cabin-fever mode and fidgeting to get out of the house. We had a small burst of days up in the 50's last week, but the past two days the rain pours and pours and it's cold and wet and nasty and it drives a girl a bit bonkers.

So, last night while trying to occupy myself, I busted out a new batch of Garnets I had picked up on one of the last pretty days out. Pictured is Magic Vial Pendant - Passion (haven't made one of those in a long time!) featuring the lovely new Garnets with a new gemstone to my rotation, a deep golden Topaz. Both gemstones associated with the fire elemental, passion, creativity, joy and energy.

At my etsy shop, I also made a "Lil Fire" vial in the straight miniature bottle with Garnet and Hematite.

Hopefully this year will have a bit more fire to it than its predecessors. (Or maybe there's too much Tori Amos on my playlist as I'm stuck inside - re: Take to the Sky lyrics - "I just want a little passion, to hold me in the dark, I know I've got some magic, buried deep in my heart, yeah.")


So I looked under a few different words, but I just wanted something different. A continuation of the pacing mood, wanting something new, something different.

And that's when Bryan Collins caught my eye. The brilliantly flaming red background off sets the cool colors of the subject creating a very dramatic and aesthetically pleasing effect. The piece is entitled "He Loved Her Forever," and though the artist lists no such inspiration, it reminds me of the old fairytale Thumbalina.

The rest of his etsy shop is filled with other highly saturated, colorful and very graphic images in original, prints, ACEOs, t-shirts, journals and other merchandise options. As an extra bonus, he states that a minimum of 10% of all sales go to charity :-)


The art of Bryan Collins said...

Thank you for supporting my work. Your blog is great!

Anonymous said...

Cabin fever is getting a little bit better over has been sunny almost every day now...birds are chirping and my crocuses are starting to come up!